Adding RMS Gate to FPAC

Begin by adding the following line to the Application section of the .../fpac.conf file.
Note: The 0 behind the -P option is the Port Name from My axports file. You may have a different name for your port.

K4GBB-10 = /usr/local/bin/rmsgw -P 0 %U


K4GBB-10 = /usr/local/bin/rmsgw -P 0 %U

Once this is done you may remove the RMS Gate block(s) from ax25d.conf.

#[k4gbb-10 via 0 ]
#NOCALL * * * * * * L
#default * * * * * * - rmsgw /usr/local/bin/rmsgw rmsgw -l notice -P 0 %U

FPAC will take over the LISTENING function for ALL User ports.

FPAC causes changes in the netstat output and the rmschanstat script may fail in the final step.
The latest version of the rmschanstat script has a check for fpac included.
To fix this problem edit the channels.xml file and change the type="ax25" to type="fpac"

You may want to add a line in the Other Commands section of the fpac.conf file to add RMS to the FPAC command list

RMS = connect k4gbb-10 3100352726

Once that is all in place the User can connect to:
k4gbb-10 v k4gbb-8 3100352726
...this works great across the network!

Users may also connect to the FPAC node and enter RMS at the FPAC command prompt.